African Kobe Magic Mushrooms


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African Kobe Magic Mushrooms have been characterized as swirling lights and geometric forms. Aquatic psychedelics. According to some users, their visual field warps and contains melting objects as if they were in a Dali painting when the dose is increased to 2 gm. Others have spoken about time dilation, hallucinations with the eyes closed or open, and synesthesia, the perception of sounds and colours.

African Kobe Magic Mushrooms Dosing

Trip Level 1: Microdose (0.2-0.5g)

Take a microdose every two to three days to increase creativity or reduce anxiety. Microdosing enhancing your day to day routine. Effects include: mood enhancement, emotional stability, clearer headspace, improved memory, increased creativity, and increased energy without anxiety.

Trip Level 2: Mild dose (0.5-1g)

Mild dose experience of this Psilocybe Cubensis  includes enhanced mood and greater mental focus without hallucinations and without losing touch with your surrounding. Effects include: excitement, mild euphoria, alleviation of persistent conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHA, and PTSD, enhanced senses, mild visuals, and increase in sociability.

Trip Level 3: Moderate dose (1-2g) of Psilocybe Cubensis

Although it does not provide the complete psychedelic experience, a moderate dose is excellent for novices. You will get strong psychedelic effects and minor hallucinations from this manageable dose. Effects include improved senses, fluid communication, improved mood, greater creativity, altered auditory perception, and temporal dilation.

Trip Level 4: Psychedelic dose (2-3.5.g)

The best dosage for individuals who desire a potent magic mushroom trip is a psychedelic experience. You’ll have incredibly vivid hallucinations and a strong sense of reality. Effects include life changing introspective, enhanced appreciation for music and art, intense visuals when eyes are open and closed, sensitivity to light, perhaps even dizziness and nausea.



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